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Our Story

We begin 25 years ago, in the butler’s pantry with Helen who was introduced to gin by her dear friend Robin Lancelot Little who only drank pink gin, the proper pink gin, Gin & Angostura Bitters. Robin’s love of gin began in India on his family’s tea plantation and continued throughout his time in the RAF, he was more than happy to share this joyous tipple with Helen and friends, with a call of “Pink Gin Darling?”. Helen was allowed to mix hers with tonic, and that’s where the love affair (with gin) began.  However, back then we all had a limited choice of distillers of gin, but that was about to change.

Fast forward to 2016, Helen along with the rest of the world was joining the gin revolution, which seemed to be revelling in new exotic tonics and garnishes - so much to taste, drink and choose from.  However, the festival and show circuit just hadn't caught up!  Feeling very disappointed, at the poor choice (if any) of gin and tonics when visiting outdoor events and festivals, Helen along with her friends Carol and Angela decided to do something pro-active and looked at the idea of designing and building their very own mobile gin box. 

And so, the story of Bo began. A beautiful horse box was bought and transformed to our bespoke design (and height!) in 2017, and the serious gin tastings followed suit…..

Carol has a distinct love for gin, and the chance to own her own mobile gin bar was too good to pass up. What a fabulous opportunity to join friends in an exciting new venture to bring the joy of a decent G&T to the crowds. The tasting and sourcing is her favourite part, she is happiest at home with her two Labradors Suzy & Zack  and her craft studio, a G&T in hand, she's comfortable in the background dealing with all the office, finance and legal requirements.

Italian Angela loves the world of gin, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it, she has sipped shaken and mixed her way through many a gin to ensure we have the best gins on our menu.  Being part of a huge Italian family, she loves people, places and events and making people happy (it’s an Italian thing!), in 2020, due to her other commitments, she handed her reins over to Helen & Carol and GinTopia waved a sad goodbye to our dear friend, you can imagine the gins we shared at the leaving party, it may take a while to build the stock back up!

To ensure we can bring GinTopia to everyone, we also have our GinTopia popup gazebo  for the places that Bo can’t go. We’re continually sourcing the best gins, tonics and garnishes from all over the world, such as the amazing Procero from Kenya and we also carry a few amazing cocktails such as Aperol Spritz and a few splendid rums.


Visiting GinTopia is the perfect opportunity to take a rest from the throng, pop your feet up, and savour the ambience with a lovingly prepared G&T.

We’re guaranteed to enhance your event, and challenge the norm, with a zest of originality and a dash of Yorkshire hospitality - just what your guests will love and remember.

Helen in the gin box
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Robin Lancelot Little

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